Fishtail Braid Bracelet | From I SPY DIY

Tape, superglue, scissors, cord, two colors of string, lobster clasp, jumprings, end caps
How To: 
1. Put a little super glue in the end cap
2. Next fold a 1ft of the cord in half and put in the end cap. Then add the ends of each piece of string (one yard each) in the the cap.
3. Let dry for 5 mins.
4. Tape down your bracelet with the cord in the middle and the color string on each side.
5. Next, take the right outside string and weave over the right cord and under the left.
6. Then, take the left outside string and weave over the left cord and under the right.
7. Repeat, starting on the right side again, and then the left side.
8. Continue, weaving right to left.
9. Trim the ends, and superglue into another end cap.
10. Add jumprings and lobster clasp.

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