DIY: 10 Things I Love About You Jar

• Mini mason jar (mine was $1 from Michaels)
• Yarn, ribbon or twine
• Button

• Piece of red felt
• Square piece of linen or fabric
• Paper
• Pen
• Scissors

• Run button through the yarn all the way until it reaches the center of the yarn.
• Wrap the yarn around the base of the jar, keeping the button in the center of the jar. Tie a knot at the back and cut off any excess yarn.
• Cut the red felt into a heart shape. Slip it in through one of the pieces of yarn, behind the button. The tightly wrapped yarn will keep it in place. Optional: you can apply a little glue underneath the heart for extra security.
• Cut your paper into ten small pieces and write down all the reasons why you love that special person. Fold and place them into the jar.
• With the jar lid open, place your fabric piece on top and close the top. This will give it that fabric cover look you see on homemade jam jars!

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