Old T-shirts Braided Scarf

You will need:
– 2 large t-shirts in different colors;
– sewing machine or needle and thread;
– scissors;
– tailoring meter.

1. Take each t-shirt and cut along the red dotted lines (see picture). Cut one of the sides to get an open rectangle of fabric.
2. Fold each rectangle lengthwise and sew along the long part. Repeat for the other fabric.
3. Reach your arm inside each rectangle and turn rightside-out. The result is two long tubes of fabric.
4. Make your braid. Check out the step-by-step pictures and the video below to see the procedure.
5. After you made the braid, lay out your finished knot into an X shape. Match up the top tails of the X (one from each side/color), bringing the raw circular ends together. Before matching the ends up, you can add in a few twists on each individual tube. Unite the ends of each pair of tails. Enjoy your new scarf!

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