It’s DIY Time {Ombre Candles}

You need:

• 10 Lb bag of Ecosoya Container Blend 135 Soy Wax
• 1 Seamless Pouring Pitcher (capacity: 2 lbs.)
• 8 Seamless 8 oz. Tins with Lids
• 1 Glass Thermometer
• 2 oz French Vanilla Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Clean Cotton Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Lilac Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Spiced Cranberry Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Spruce Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil
• 25 Pre-tabbed Cotton Core Wicks (C-60)
• 1 oz. Blue/sky Liquid Dye
• 1 oz. Red Liquid Dye
• 1 oz. Yellow Liquid Dye
• Complete Instructions

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