Let’s Make Halloween Pompoms

1. First wrap a bit of black yarn for the mouth. For these I wrapped 4 rows wide in 2 layers to create a long howling mouth.

2. Wrap a layer of white over it and then wrap a couple of layers of black yarn for the eyes, slightly above the mouth position. That’s it for the facial features!

3. Now wrap plenty of white yarn all over. Wrap extra long yarns towards the bottom end opposite the face end, this will become the frilly bottom of the ghost. Wrap the other half of the pompom maker in solid white, and again wrap extra long yarns at one end.

4. Put together the two halves so that the long yarns are at the same end, tie up and finish as usual.

Now trim the head of the ghost into a round shape that you like and trim a bit on the sides but do not trim the long bottom end.


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