Gorgeous and easy!

Step 1:

First take a length of crepe paper streamer (mine is about 24″ long) and fan-fold into eight layers.

Then cut out a double humped shape to make the petals (you will have eight of them). They don’t have to be perfectly even.

Step 2:

I took a small button and smeared a thin layer of glue on it and then plunked it into the glitter.  I then took a small rhinestone and put it in the middle for added bling.

I also got the base of my flower ready.  I just cut a circle about an inch in diameter out of card stock.

Step 3:

I found the best way to glitter the edges was to pour a little pile of white glue and a little pile of fine glitter onto a piece of card stock.  Then fold the petal in half and gently dab the edges in the glue and then in the glitter.  Unfold and let dry.

Step 4:

When the petal edges were dry I scrunched up the bottom and glued it to the outer edge of card stock circle.  Do the same with the second petal, glueing it to the opposite side.

Step 5:

Repeat with two more petals.

Step 6:

For the second layer of petals I glued them a little closer to the center and off-set them so they covered two of the petals from the first layer.

Step 7:

Repeat with the last two petals.

Step 8:

Glue your glittered button to the center.

And there you have it.  I thought it made a pretty embellishment for a present.  Or you make a napkin ring out of a strip of cardstock and glue it to that for a girly napkin ring.

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