DIY faden-nagelbild in blattform

You need:

○ wood panel
○ paper
○ acrylic paint and brushes, white spray paint (if you also want to paint the plate)
○ yarn in dark and light green
○ many nails
○ small pliers, hammer, scissors
○ masking tape

That’s how it’s done:

First the wooden plate is painted. I have chosen here for White because of green yarn so much better comes into its own. let dry the paint and drawing the sheet in the meantime, on paper. Now Places the template on the timber and glued all sides with masking tape firmly.
Now is hammered. I hope you (also) nice neighbors. 🙂 The nails along the template in the wood panel beat and at a distance of about 5 mm, but this also depends on the thickness of your yarn. If he is very thin, as my, it looks at a greater distance just not nice. But this is also a matter of taste. So you can well turn straight and evenly the nails without you constantly bang on the thumb, it uses a small forceps with which you can easily fix the nail.
When you are done, you can easily tear off the paper template. Paper remains on the nails you removed with forceps and who sprayed may not know the golden nail heads.
Now you start out with the dark green yarn, to their festknotet respectively at the inner corner of a sheet splitting and then with every single nail this blade part verbindet.Mit the light green yarn you begin approximately in the middle of the sheet splitting, connect the nail to edge so that a beautiful shading ergibt.Das her repeated now for each blade section until you’re done. The ends of the threads her knots easily each firmly on nail.

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