Gingermelon Dolls: Free Tutorial

What you’ll need:
:  6×8 inch felt for main body                                         :  4×4 inch felt for kitty’s ears
:  6×6 inch felt for bunny’s outer ears                             :  6×6 pink felt for bunny’s inner ears
:  3×4 inch felt for bow                                                  :  Scrap pink felt for kitty’s heart patch
:  Pom-pom for bunny’s tail (3/4 inch)                            :  Embroidery thread/floss
:  Polyfil                                                                        :  Pink coloured pencil
:  Disappearing ink marker and ruler                              :  Scissors, sewing needles and pins
:  Clear drying craft glue                                                :  Q-Tip
:  2x 12 inch pipe cleaners for bunny’s ears                    :  Wire cutters

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