Wir stricken einen Schal + Strickbank DIY

1: Locks the wool on the first nail with a knot and wrapped it then after the zig zag principle to each nail to the end of the first row. ( 2).
3. In the second row you wrapped the wool only to every second nail (black thread), so that every other remains free.
4: Then the wool to the remaining free nails wrap in the third row back.
5 + 6: In each case, the lower loop (pink yarn) with a crochet or knitting needle through the upper mesh (black thread) lift: Then the knitting begins.
Silk arrived it at the end of the series, it wraps the wool once or twice to the “walk” your knitting bank, then turns around and knit back the same way.
That her repeatedly until your scarf has the desired length and achieve it with the crochet hook.

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